About My Program

The 3 Month Program

Going to see a Nutritionist can be daunting. You go into their office, they take all your body stats, give you a plan and they’ll see you in a month. During that month there are days where you’re unsure you’re doing things right. You find yourself hungry but don’t know what to do if you are. You feel uncertain and lost, and if the scale doesn’t move, you give up.


My program is specifically formulated to avoid all that. Your health history and concerns are all collected before our first meeting. I review it and hone in on the questions that give me insight to your lifestyle and where the client is struggling. Your plan then focuses on how to improve that area of weakness, and is personalized to your level of entry in the fitness world. (i.e. we don’t go from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds).


The best and most pivotal aspect of my program is that I have my clients send me pictures of their meals and snacks every time they eat throughout the day. This allows me to see what you’re eating, when you’re eating, and how much. This means the guess work is taken out of the equation, and the room for error is none. Blood sugar balancing, proper nutrition, and making sure you don’t go hungry is the name of the game.


In addition to diet and exercise, I tap into the areas of growth that the client can use “off the plate.” We go over these external aspects in our monthly meetings, giving the client insight as to what else could be presenting hurdles they must overcome to achieve optimum health.


The baseline time frame for my program is 3 months. This is how long I believe it takes to establish a habit that will last a lifetime. However, most clients opt in for longer and I am available to support clients longer if they need it.